Wahoo just scored me some free glasses!

Not even kidding. I was at my Apple interview and I saw this guy. And I was like, “Blah blah blah, cool glasses, blah!” And he was like, “Oh! Blah, blah! They were free! You just have to go like coastalcontact’s facebook page and you get a code for free glasses!” And I was like, “NO WAY, BLAH?!”

So, that’s what I did, just now. Basically, they do a promotional every so often where they give out 10,000 pairs of glasses for free. I really wanted to tell you guys cause apparently it’s legit, which is so out of the ordinary. Thank heavens too because I’ve been needing new glasses so badly since I lost my old pair :’(

Do it people! No regrets :)

  1. annaliselearns said: OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU FOR THIS!
  2. bestillaubs said: woah. i’m in suchh need of glasses. i’m looked on facebook, maybe i’m clueless but it took me to their website every time. am i doing something wrong?
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